Saturday, October 13, 2012

More catch up!

Soooo a couple of days before I left I get a call. From Maryland you say? Why yes it was. Now who could be calling me from Maryland? Why a 3 star general, that's who

Did I play it cool? Yes. Did I say sir? Multiple times.  Did I complain that I didn't get to wear a crop top on my first day of training? You betcha.

He laughed! Said he looked forward to meeting me after JASOC. Dad groaned.  What can I say, I make an impression.

So what else has happened.....

I packed everything up. Everything that I own currently fits in a 10x10 storage unit in Huntsville. Which my father, Smeltzer, and my gym buddy Darrell are going to load up for my apartment in Colorado. 

Thanks guys! Well I don't have to say thanks to Smeltzer, he owes me 4 lyfe!


For those that have not been following my Facebook, I had a little oral surgery done. I figured I would rather have my doctor, who I love, perform it then a doctor I don't know through the military. 

All went perfect............EXCEPT

THAT was my entire body for like a week. Apparently the Vicodin that they sent me home with I was ridiculously allergic too. I was just covered in spots, I looked like a very non attractive cheetah. 

According to my dermatologist it was one of the most severe drug allergies he had ever seen. It wiped me out. I was down 8 pounds in 1 week!  Yay for weightloss but I wasnt happy about that. I really wanted to go into training weighing about 130. Well I currently am coasting around 122. That's about what I weighed as a freshman in high school. Personally I feel like I look a little scrawny.  My only condolence is that at my new weight, if I can't make it over the obstacle course wall, my teammates can haul me over by the scruff of my neck. 

So I officially am considered allergic to codines and codones. Here's hoping I never need them!  

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