Saturday, October 13, 2012

Made it to Mississippi

Alright guys!  I know it's been forever since I've updated this.  It's been a whirlwind over the past couple days I just didn't have the time. Sorry. :(

But let me fill you in on everything that has happened.

First! This is me now:
It's been a long long long long day. I drove from Huntsville, TX to Jackson, MS. For you non-geographically inclined that's about 7.5 hours.  But I made it :)

It's been a fast couple of weeks.

My family converged on Huntsville to say goodbye to me. We commandeered a table out in the State Park and my favorite Aunt Pookie brought brisket. I provided the coleslaw (which was amazing btw) and made red skin/dill potatoe salad. Funnily enough I really don't have that many pictures from the day. (dad I'm looking at you). But I'll share the ones that I had on my phone.

Omg how cute is that dog?!

If that's not a look of extreme sadness and dejectedness I don't know what is. My poor boyfriend. 

I won't get to see my sleek seal puppy till around May. Sooooo incredibly sad as all get out. 

But I had a great time seeing everyone before I left. It's always nice to know that your family is happy for you and super proud. And if they aren't proud they put up a good front ;)

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  1. Where's a good sideways pic of Archer in costume huh? And apparently we didn't take any pics together? Or is someone hoarding the photos and not sharing?