Saturday, October 13, 2012

Singing to Britney while crossing rivers.

So today.

I got up at 8 and finished grabbing all the last minute things and loading up the car. Zakhad asked me to come by his restaurant before I left, so I loaded up and headed down.

It was great seeing him (we had gotten dinner the night before), he loaded me up with 2 tropical iced teas, slapped me on the butt (kidding), and sent me on my way.

(I would like to make note that those 2 iced teas lasted me all the way to Jackson, Mississippi.  I'm going to die at training).

So I was underway and on the road by 10am. I decided to go the northern route instead of the southern (baton rouge). The reason, because EVERY SINGLE HOTEL was booked solidin Baton Rouge due to the LSU game this weekend. I was not game to stay in a roach coach motel. Especially not while I'm running on the government dime :D

So the Shreveport, Vicksburg, Jackson route it was. Lots of trees,and a fantastic river.

Being a total tourist of course I took pictures!

I look downright miserable that I'm leaving Texas right?  Well I was. 

Oh hello Louisiana! I would like to say that northern Louisiana is ugly, boring, and the state troopers that parole up there make our Texas troopers look like toddlers. It became almost a game to see if I could spot them before I passed them. These guys can hide like champs. They could hide a trooper cruiser behind a tennis racket and I still would never have seen them. Just genius. 

I realized something else about Louisiana. I have no idea which they have more of: ninja troopers, Christian radio stations, or dead raccoons. 

I swear there must be a massive epidemic going on. There were dead raccoons EVERYWHERE. I mean in the middle of the road, on the side of the road, hanging from fences, flung through the air, tacked on cars (ok I kid about the last 2, maybe.). It was so weird. I was physically relieved when I passed a dead armadillo because at least it wasn't a raccoon. 

So finally Mississippi!

I fully embarrassed myself crossing the river. 
In an attempt to give myself more variety as I zipped along, I decided that Britney Spears was the perfect road trip sound track. So about 10 miles prior to the river I had Brit blasting (did I tell you I had a fabulous sound system put in) and I zoomed across the Mississippi River belting out at the top of my lungs Oops I Did it Again. When I get to the other side I look over at the car next to me to see a gaggle of little boys just dying laughing and staring at me like I had grown another arm. What can I say, love me some Britney. 

The Mississippi river is gorgeous by the way. I stopped at the visitor center, and took a couple of pictures.  Just huge. Everything is bigger and better in Texas, but that river takes the cake. 
See that sexy little car? Yeah, so do I. Awwwwww

So now here I sit. Drinking a cider and eating a Reuben sandwich which wasn't half bad for a little Irish pub in Mississippi. I plan on watching some honey boo boo tonight and crashing early. 

Hopefully I get into Montgomery early tomorrow so I can get properly yelled at on Monday. 

I told my dad, I feel like a real adult now. I have driven across states, I have a hotel room, and I did it all by myself. Now they'll let me lead people into war. 


I'll leave you with this picture of me with clove candy sticks. Ecstatic I found them. Yes I bought 16. Excessive? Heck no. 
They were 8 for a dollar! I was being frugal! 

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  1. So proud of you doing all those grown up things by yourself. I have never driven that much by myself and don't think I could handle it.