Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Grand Design!

I just want to say that I have finally recovered from my weekend in Austin.  I had such a great time.  Thanks Mary and Duffy for being such awesome hosts while showing the "temporary" small town girl a good time.
Guys I really hope that yall can make it to my going away thing, yes yes, little sister getting married the day before is important... but you'll see her again!

It was of course awesome to hang out with my sisters.  Sucks you won't make it to my going away thingie Spring.  

I was also able to add things to my "unicorn box".  Toy Joy is got to be one of my fave places to shop at.  I always find something that I totally want and desperately don't need.  Like Target.

So on to the new news!  I have made a decision!

The 4WD Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, in Mercury Gray.

Please take note that mine will have the roof rails, the fancy smancy rims, fancier lights, and the color is much darker then it appears.

Also note the HUGE sunroof in the last picture!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?  It doesn't open all the way to the outside, but the door slides open and the glass goes all the way to the back of the back seat.

Instead of the NAV, I opted for the huge 9 speaker + sub-woofer from Rockford Fosgate.  The sales guy and I were "bumping" all down the highway. 

The only thing that I'm changing is the material.  The "sport" does not offer leather, it's not considered sporty enough.  However after talking to a ton of people and taking a hard look at Archer, I have decided... well why not.  It'll end up being an extra $20 a month.  

So Archer?  Your toy fund just went down a notch... but I'm getting your fat tush leather! 

I could use some help though readers.  I have about 50 different colors to choose from.  I have no idea what I want.  I don't think I want strict black.  The thing about Mitsu is that the black interior (the steering, dash, dials, etc etc) is ALWAYS black.  When they make it beige, it still has the black details.  Kind of a signature thing for them.  Weird Japanese. 

So give me your thoughts and opinions.... I had the poor car dealer send me pictures of the grey swatches of which there are like 5.  From super light, to graphite.  What do yall think?  I currently have the poor man convinced I'm coming back with pink.

The best part of the whole car?  Seat Warmers. 

I'm also considering adding in remote start.  The boys at the dealership are cutting the price in half for me, so about ~400 ish.  Is it worth it? It is a neat bar trick to say the least.

I do want to give a HUGE thank you to Gillman Mitsubishi.  My poor poor car guy Bryan Barnett has been a complete and utter gem.  He'll answer my obscure nuerotic texts at midnight and will get up bright and early and answer even more at 7:00 am.

If you're in the market for one, I highly highly suggest that dealer and that salesmen.  And you guys know I don't give high compliments very often :) (part of my ice queen mystique, no really, seriously! Ok fine I'm super friendly to everyone)

 It could just have been that I scampered over there in my running shorts after working out everyday.  The joys of spandex!


So after a miserable calorie and drinking weekend I took a run today.  1.64 miles in 15.25 minutes.  Ok I went up, but I was running off enchiladas, 14 oz steak with butter, huge chicken fried steak + black eyed peas and buttered carrots, a smoothie, a RIDICULOUS doughnut monstrosity and ramen noodle from last night.  I think I did ok, considering.

Ridiculous doughnut monstrosity: 

Dad enjoying the ridiculous doughnut monstrosity:


I had to go to court today to do some renditions for TDCJ ( you know, drag our inmate to another state to testify as a witness). 

2 things happened. 

1st:  I ran into a gaggle of the defense attorneys I used to work against, and told them my ship out date.  Mass hysteria ensued.  ( a ton of the defense attorneys are ex-military or reserve).  I have now been informed that I shall be dragged out to a "watering of the bars".  From what I could gather from the excitement is that one of the attorneys is going to give me his dad's "blooded" 1st LT bars.  But they have to pin it on me (not the marine, punch, and pin it on).  It seems like it's a big deal.  They all seemed really excited.  And I am honored to have his dad's bars as I know his dad passed away a long time ago. 

I also gathered it's going to entail some drinking and singing of the Air Force fight song.  Yay?

2nd:  Not only did I run into attorneys, but I also ran into a trashcan.  You know the old Loony Toons, when Yosemite Sam is shooting at Bugs and Bugs sticks a carrot in the barrel?  It blocks the gun, and the barrel peels back like petals on a flower?  Well imagine that design on a 50lb + iron trashcan.  The petals hit, RIGHT at knee cap level.  They had moved it RIGHT INFRONT OF THE EXIT TO THE STAIR DOORWAY for when the inmates came through. 

Well I sailed my butt down the stairs, popped open the door, and ran smack into that trashcan.  Threw my files.  Threw my jacket.  And promptly kissed the floor.  And I just laid there for a minute.  I felt for sure I just cracked my patella, and that I was now going to sue Walker County for everything they had (including taking my JAG dreams away).  Eventually the County Clerk ran over and helped me up.  I'll take a picture for you guys tomorrow when the color sets.  I have 3 distinct blue/black petals on1 knee, and 1 on the other.  It hurt so bad.  The bruise had started less then 15 minutes in.  I'm sure tomorrow I shall be a rainbow of ouch.

The funny thing?  I had just "knocked on wood" when someone asked me if I had ever had any problems with my knees.

Skylar 0 - Trashcan 1.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


So this weekend I went to Austin to see my best friend Mary, Duffy, and my family.

I just want to start off by saying that getting a new car will be amazing.  I had to drive all the way to Austin and back with no air conditioning because about a month ago, the roller skate decided that air conditioning was not a necessity for Texas driving.

I think that I don't agree with the roller skate.

I got into Austin and met up with Mary and Duffles.  Friday night we started off with getting some dinner at Hoffbrau steakhouse.  For those that knew me when I worked at Josephine Street in San Antonio, this was the restaurant that it was modeled after.  They literally douse the steak in butter.  I'm just happy that the military said I could put on another 30 pounds and still be within the weight needed.  I see it as a challenge accepted.

I used to be a vegetarian, I think that is safely past me.  Although I might go back to that following all my military training.  Eating meat is just too fattening for me.

That night we all went out to Don's.  It's a bar that has a distinct train car theme to it.  Got to meet Spencer's boyfriend Ian, nice kid.

The next morning, dad and I got up and went and test drove some more cars.  We were able to knock out the Ford Escape, although my dad loved it.  I didn't like the interior, it was like a 80's spaceship in it's design.  Just didn't work out for me.

While we were able to knock something off, we added on a car.  When we went to Mitsubishi to drive the Sport, we ended up driving a regular Outlander.  It's nothing like how Mario's used to be.  It was kinda amazing.  We weren't able to get it up on the highway because the dealership was a brand new one that was still in the process of building so they had no gas facilities yet.  Of course the car that we were driving must have been popular because it had no gas in it.  Monday after work I have an appointment with the local Mitsu to test drive one with them.  

 I think I kinda love it.  Just need to see how it does on the highway.

After that Mary and I began our night while the rest of the family went to the SFA football game.  We went to Enchiladas y Mas.  They make the enchiladas like you used to get in high school.  You know, those nasty horrible for you ones that look like a pile on the plate?  The kind that you fought all the other kids in line to get praying that they didn't run out?  Yeah... they were just like those.

The margaritas weren't half bad too.

From there we progressed to Draught Bar, where the family joined up.  Many ciders in, we called it a night.

Sunday just involved a lot of running around and shopping.  I'm putting a box together for my New Zealand unicorn.  It's progressing quite well.  

Now I'm happy and curled up on the bed watching Season 6 Dexter.

Only 1.5 weeks of work left, and about 3 weeks total left of Texas.

Have to say, I'm ready to leave Huntsville.  I'm ready to see what else is out in the world.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Less than a month to go

I'm currently working at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  They agreed to employ me until I leave.

I also work out everyday,

Today I ran 1.5 miles in 14.25 minutes.  That's 2.5 minutes faster then I did a month ago!  Totally not TOO worried about the physical demands of the AF.  I'm up to about 30-40 pushups, and can go all day on the situps.

Bring it.

My biggest struggle is trying to figure out the whole moving thing.  Trying to find an apartment from over 1000 miles away is not easy.  I have however made a friend that lived in the area for a long time that has been a saving grace (yay vey!)

I think I have the place pinned down, they even accepted Archer without blinking an eye.  It has a fantastic review online, and according to the sheriff's office: no current crime in the last year.  No sex offenders living within 5 miles.  (BTW there are an unnaturally HUGE number of sex offenders in Colorado Springs)

Also, trying to coordinate with the military to move my stuff has proved to be the most difficult thing I have ever had to do.  It's soooo not user friendly and is frustrating to no end. I'm going to keep trying, but if I honestly can't figure it out (or can't get anyone to help me figure it out).................Dad?  Wanna drive to Colorado Springs? You can bring Sonny?

 I'm also in the process of car shopping.  I drive a roller skate.  Not just any roller skate... a hand-me-down-12-year-old-with-no-working-air-conditioning roller skate.  Yes, no AC.... in Texas... during the summer.  And yes, it sucks just as much you think it does.

These are my 2 front runners:

Aren't they cute?  Most important consideration?  4 Wheel Drive.

I've never really driven in snow and ice.  It'll be a new experience.

The schedule.

So.... here is my schedule.

October 15th --> Report to Maxwell AFB, Mongomery, AL for COTS (commissioned officer training)
November 16th --> Graduation from COTS  (I expect to you there Dad and Marty)

December 1st -->  Late possible day to arrive at Schriever AFB, Colorado Springs (I expect to be there around Nov. 21)

Be the peon in the office for 2 whole months.  I'll be low man on the officer totem pole as a 1st LT.

Mid February --> Report back to Maxwell AFB for JASOC (JAG school/military lawyer school)
Mid April --> Graduate from JASOC.  During this time, we'll be flown up to the Pentagon where we will be sworn in by the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces and Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals. (Pretty awesome).

Then it's back to Colorado Springs to start my 2 year term there, where I go after those 2 years, who knows! 

In short, I'll be a military ping pong ball for the time being.

Where is Archer you ask?

Archer is staying with some of the best people I know in the entire world.  The Smeltzers have taken him in with loving arms and are treating him like a king! Well, when he's not a puddle of puppy on the floor after playing all day with their 2 dogs.

As you can see... he's packed and ready to come!

He won't be joining me until I'm done with all training, so not until around early May.

I honestly can't wait to see his spoiled butt in the snow, although he'll be thrilled that the entire world is now Air Conditioned.

I do need to find him some little snow booties though... any suggestions?

But where the heck am I going?!

So I'm in! I'm medically sound!

But where will I be living?

Why let me show you!

You're looking at Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Pikes Peak to be exact!

I waited for FOREVER to find out where I was going.  Coupled with the non-stop asking of friends and family (some with ulterior motives, I'm looking at you Aunt Pookie), I finally got the call about my permanent base.

Normally you get a will be given a choice.  I was expecting a call with a choice of a couple of bases to pick from.  Well..... not this time.  I was told I could have Colorado Springs or no deal.

I thought about it for all of 3 seconds and readily accepted.  Did I mentioned I was poked and prodded for 10 hours at MEPs?

I had originally wanted San Antonio, it would have been a perfect base for me.... but personally and after having some time to think about it, HECK YA!  Colorado is going to be awesome!

It's an outdoor wonderland!  I'm going to do my very best to not fall off a mountain or get eaten by a bear.  But I plan to hike, mountain climb, bike, ski, heck I might even camp til I puke.

I will be stationed at Schriever AFB.

Yes, that does indeed say "Master of Space".  Not quite Master of the Universe, but I'll take it.

 Schriever AFB specializes in GPS positioning for the AF and is also known as the "Space Wing".

As Dad put it, if we head into a major world war?  My base would be one of the most important ones to be be bombed.  It's the base that does all the coordinates for the ballistic missiles and handles all communications with satellites.  Thanks dad!

I'm uber excited! I get to play with space law!  I always wanted to be an astronaut, and this is about as close as I'll ever get.

Best of all? Bye bye Texas 100+ weather.

Second best of all?  I'm getting a 2 bedroom apartment as Archer and I would love ALL visitors.

Just no one from around August to early November, that's already been called Dibs on.  Yay for unicorns!

MEPs and a nasal dilemma.

So all good things, must have a great beginning.

I was accepted!  So now what?

The endless sea of paperwork, that's what.

I have come to understand that the acceptance into the JAG Corp is the easy part.

I have signed so many papers, been poked and prodded by so many people, made to jump so many hoops, and I still feel lost.  I have a law degree for christ's sake!

MEPS was a whole new experience.

I was asked to show up at 5:30, only to be yelled at by a surly man upon my arrival that I was 30 minutes late.  When he ascertained that I was going to be an officer his response was "oh, that explains it".  hmmmmm

I was put in a room with a ton of 18-19 y/os who sat around me giggling at what the medical exam was going to entail.  (yes, there was some spreading of butt cheeks, and a woefully inadequate but very humiliating paper towel dress)

I will say, it was a cattle call at its finest.  I shuffled from station to station where my ears were checked, eyesight was examined, blood was drawn, and crevices were inquired after.

The worst part was at one point, my fellow girls and I were ushered into a room, told to strip to our undies and bras and had to go through a complex (or not so complex) series of exercises designed to show off our excellent motor capabilities and joint function. 

I just want to say that I am a CHAMP at the duck walk.  I waddled my way around that room, and left those young girls in the dust.  I would also like to stress, if you know you're going to have to strip down to your skivvies, wear the nice stuff.

At the end of the day (10 hours later), I had a paper in hand saying that I was fit for duty.

The only thing that upset me about the whole process was my nose.

For those of you that weren't keeping up with my nose drama, let me fill you in.....

Sometime around March or so, I was out jogging and ran by some guys with those heavy duty mowers.  I doing what I do best, inhaled "something".  It resulted in an inch long gash in my nasal cavity and eventually full blown staph.  Little did I know.  I was oblivious to this for about 2 months, just thought I was having extra nose bleeding due to the changing of the weather, no big deal right? Wrong.

2 rounds of heavy duty antibiotics and thrice daily swappings of "nose goop" over 2 months later, I was finally on the way to healing.  But I was TERRIFIED of being denied admittance to the military as a result of this.  I know people that have been turned away for braces on their teeth.  So I jumped through all the hoops, got all the medical records and disclosed everything about it.

Fast forward to MEPs.  They saw my nose issue on my records.  I was bounced around and talked to at least 5 different doctors all up in arms about the condition of my nose, etc etc.  In the end the head doctor at the office decided it was alright and certified me.

It wasn't until I was in my car and driving back to Huntsville that it hit me like a lightning bolt.

NOT ONE SINGLE DOCTOR EVER GOT OUT A SCOPE AND ACTUALLY LOOKED UP MY NOSE.  Not one!  They were so concerned about it, yet no one actually looked at it!


But I guess it's something that I have to look forward to in the years to come.

The Process


I decided to follow in my older sister's footsteps and start a blog to keep everyone informed with what will be going with me in the next adventure.

For those of you that are unaware and are wondering "what the heck am I doing here?" :


I found out the good news late May following a crushing "forced resignation" from the Walker County DA's Office, due to some office restructuring (and I think some other games afoot), and I was given the option of resigning.  GUTTED.

However, following a depressing Wednesday-Friday afternoon, I received a call while walking around the local Office Depot  shopping for interview materials.  It was a call, all the way from Japan.  Col Dan Rogers wanted to be the very first person to inform me that I had been accepted into the JAG Corp.

Col Rogers was the Staff Judge Advocate that I formed a mentor/mentee relationship with following my interviewing with him at Lackland AFB.  I had interviewed with him twice before with non-acceptance as a result even though he assured me that I was his top pick every time.  He even went so far as to head over to the Accessions Office and threw what he called a "temper tantrum".  The last time I interviewed with him I was chosen 26th for the JAG, but that Accession Board only accepted 25.  I JUST missed it.  Col Rogers called and said to reapply, however I had just accepted a job with Walker County DA and decided to do my time there and then I would consider reapplying.  He said he would contact me in 1 year. 

Sure enough, he did.

I showed up, I interviewed, and radio silence for 2 months.

Then the call.  He wanted to inform that I had been accepted as 1 of 12, out of a possible 3000 applicants.  I don't know what I did to that man, but I hope I live up to all the wonderful things that he must have said about me. 

So... away we go!