Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Less than a month to go

I'm currently working at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  They agreed to employ me until I leave.

I also work out everyday,

Today I ran 1.5 miles in 14.25 minutes.  That's 2.5 minutes faster then I did a month ago!  Totally not TOO worried about the physical demands of the AF.  I'm up to about 30-40 pushups, and can go all day on the situps.

Bring it.

My biggest struggle is trying to figure out the whole moving thing.  Trying to find an apartment from over 1000 miles away is not easy.  I have however made a friend that lived in the area for a long time that has been a saving grace (yay vey!)

I think I have the place pinned down, they even accepted Archer without blinking an eye.  It has a fantastic review online, and according to the sheriff's office: no current crime in the last year.  No sex offenders living within 5 miles.  (BTW there are an unnaturally HUGE number of sex offenders in Colorado Springs)

Also, trying to coordinate with the military to move my stuff has proved to be the most difficult thing I have ever had to do.  It's soooo not user friendly and is frustrating to no end. I'm going to keep trying, but if I honestly can't figure it out (or can't get anyone to help me figure it out).................Dad?  Wanna drive to Colorado Springs? You can bring Sonny?

 I'm also in the process of car shopping.  I drive a roller skate.  Not just any roller skate... a hand-me-down-12-year-old-with-no-working-air-conditioning roller skate.  Yes, no AC.... in Texas... during the summer.  And yes, it sucks just as much you think it does.

These are my 2 front runners:

Aren't they cute?  Most important consideration?  4 Wheel Drive.

I've never really driven in snow and ice.  It'll be a new experience.

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  1. It appears they have given you your sister's personalized plate. You need to have that corrected before you head off to Colorado. ;o)