Sunday, September 23, 2012


So this weekend I went to Austin to see my best friend Mary, Duffy, and my family.

I just want to start off by saying that getting a new car will be amazing.  I had to drive all the way to Austin and back with no air conditioning because about a month ago, the roller skate decided that air conditioning was not a necessity for Texas driving.

I think that I don't agree with the roller skate.

I got into Austin and met up with Mary and Duffles.  Friday night we started off with getting some dinner at Hoffbrau steakhouse.  For those that knew me when I worked at Josephine Street in San Antonio, this was the restaurant that it was modeled after.  They literally douse the steak in butter.  I'm just happy that the military said I could put on another 30 pounds and still be within the weight needed.  I see it as a challenge accepted.

I used to be a vegetarian, I think that is safely past me.  Although I might go back to that following all my military training.  Eating meat is just too fattening for me.

That night we all went out to Don's.  It's a bar that has a distinct train car theme to it.  Got to meet Spencer's boyfriend Ian, nice kid.

The next morning, dad and I got up and went and test drove some more cars.  We were able to knock out the Ford Escape, although my dad loved it.  I didn't like the interior, it was like a 80's spaceship in it's design.  Just didn't work out for me.

While we were able to knock something off, we added on a car.  When we went to Mitsubishi to drive the Sport, we ended up driving a regular Outlander.  It's nothing like how Mario's used to be.  It was kinda amazing.  We weren't able to get it up on the highway because the dealership was a brand new one that was still in the process of building so they had no gas facilities yet.  Of course the car that we were driving must have been popular because it had no gas in it.  Monday after work I have an appointment with the local Mitsu to test drive one with them.  

 I think I kinda love it.  Just need to see how it does on the highway.

After that Mary and I began our night while the rest of the family went to the SFA football game.  We went to Enchiladas y Mas.  They make the enchiladas like you used to get in high school.  You know, those nasty horrible for you ones that look like a pile on the plate?  The kind that you fought all the other kids in line to get praying that they didn't run out?  Yeah... they were just like those.

The margaritas weren't half bad too.

From there we progressed to Draught Bar, where the family joined up.  Many ciders in, we called it a night.

Sunday just involved a lot of running around and shopping.  I'm putting a box together for my New Zealand unicorn.  It's progressing quite well.  

Now I'm happy and curled up on the bed watching Season 6 Dexter.

Only 1.5 weeks of work left, and about 3 weeks total left of Texas.

Have to say, I'm ready to leave Huntsville.  I'm ready to see what else is out in the world.


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