Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Process


I decided to follow in my older sister's footsteps and start a blog to keep everyone informed with what will be going with me in the next adventure.

For those of you that are unaware and are wondering "what the heck am I doing here?" :


I found out the good news late May following a crushing "forced resignation" from the Walker County DA's Office, due to some office restructuring (and I think some other games afoot), and I was given the option of resigning.  GUTTED.

However, following a depressing Wednesday-Friday afternoon, I received a call while walking around the local Office Depot  shopping for interview materials.  It was a call, all the way from Japan.  Col Dan Rogers wanted to be the very first person to inform me that I had been accepted into the JAG Corp.

Col Rogers was the Staff Judge Advocate that I formed a mentor/mentee relationship with following my interviewing with him at Lackland AFB.  I had interviewed with him twice before with non-acceptance as a result even though he assured me that I was his top pick every time.  He even went so far as to head over to the Accessions Office and threw what he called a "temper tantrum".  The last time I interviewed with him I was chosen 26th for the JAG, but that Accession Board only accepted 25.  I JUST missed it.  Col Rogers called and said to reapply, however I had just accepted a job with Walker County DA and decided to do my time there and then I would consider reapplying.  He said he would contact me in 1 year. 

Sure enough, he did.

I showed up, I interviewed, and radio silence for 2 months.

Then the call.  He wanted to inform that I had been accepted as 1 of 12, out of a possible 3000 applicants.  I don't know what I did to that man, but I hope I live up to all the wonderful things that he must have said about me. 

So... away we go!

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