Tuesday, September 18, 2012

But where the heck am I going?!

So I'm in! I'm medically sound!

But where will I be living?

Why let me show you!

You're looking at Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Pikes Peak to be exact!

I waited for FOREVER to find out where I was going.  Coupled with the non-stop asking of friends and family (some with ulterior motives, I'm looking at you Aunt Pookie), I finally got the call about my permanent base.

Normally you get a will be given a choice.  I was expecting a call with a choice of a couple of bases to pick from.  Well..... not this time.  I was told I could have Colorado Springs or no deal.

I thought about it for all of 3 seconds and readily accepted.  Did I mentioned I was poked and prodded for 10 hours at MEPs?

I had originally wanted San Antonio, it would have been a perfect base for me.... but personally and after having some time to think about it, HECK YA!  Colorado is going to be awesome!

It's an outdoor wonderland!  I'm going to do my very best to not fall off a mountain or get eaten by a bear.  But I plan to hike, mountain climb, bike, ski, heck I might even camp til I puke.

I will be stationed at Schriever AFB.

Yes, that does indeed say "Master of Space".  Not quite Master of the Universe, but I'll take it.

 Schriever AFB specializes in GPS positioning for the AF and is also known as the "Space Wing".

As Dad put it, if we head into a major world war?  My base would be one of the most important ones to be be bombed.  It's the base that does all the coordinates for the ballistic missiles and handles all communications with satellites.  Thanks dad!

I'm uber excited! I get to play with space law!  I always wanted to be an astronaut, and this is about as close as I'll ever get.

Best of all? Bye bye Texas 100+ weather.

Second best of all?  I'm getting a 2 bedroom apartment as Archer and I would love ALL visitors.

Just no one from around August to early November, that's already been called Dibs on.  Yay for unicorns!

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