Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Grand Design!

I just want to say that I have finally recovered from my weekend in Austin.  I had such a great time.  Thanks Mary and Duffy for being such awesome hosts while showing the "temporary" small town girl a good time.
Guys I really hope that yall can make it to my going away thing, yes yes, little sister getting married the day before is important... but you'll see her again!

It was of course awesome to hang out with my sisters.  Sucks you won't make it to my going away thingie Spring.  

I was also able to add things to my "unicorn box".  Toy Joy is got to be one of my fave places to shop at.  I always find something that I totally want and desperately don't need.  Like Target.

So on to the new news!  I have made a decision!

The 4WD Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, in Mercury Gray.

Please take note that mine will have the roof rails, the fancy smancy rims, fancier lights, and the color is much darker then it appears.

Also note the HUGE sunroof in the last picture!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?  It doesn't open all the way to the outside, but the door slides open and the glass goes all the way to the back of the back seat.

Instead of the NAV, I opted for the huge 9 speaker + sub-woofer from Rockford Fosgate.  The sales guy and I were "bumping" all down the highway. 

The only thing that I'm changing is the material.  The "sport" does not offer leather, it's not considered sporty enough.  However after talking to a ton of people and taking a hard look at Archer, I have decided... well why not.  It'll end up being an extra $20 a month.  

So Archer?  Your toy fund just went down a notch... but I'm getting your fat tush leather! 

I could use some help though readers.  I have about 50 different colors to choose from.  I have no idea what I want.  I don't think I want strict black.  The thing about Mitsu is that the black interior (the steering, dash, dials, etc etc) is ALWAYS black.  When they make it beige, it still has the black details.  Kind of a signature thing for them.  Weird Japanese. 

So give me your thoughts and opinions.... I had the poor car dealer send me pictures of the grey swatches of which there are like 5.  From super light, to graphite.  What do yall think?  I currently have the poor man convinced I'm coming back with pink.

The best part of the whole car?  Seat Warmers. 

I'm also considering adding in remote start.  The boys at the dealership are cutting the price in half for me, so about ~400 ish.  Is it worth it? It is a neat bar trick to say the least.

I do want to give a HUGE thank you to Gillman Mitsubishi.  My poor poor car guy Bryan Barnett has been a complete and utter gem.  He'll answer my obscure nuerotic texts at midnight and will get up bright and early and answer even more at 7:00 am.

If you're in the market for one, I highly highly suggest that dealer and that salesmen.  And you guys know I don't give high compliments very often :) (part of my ice queen mystique, no really, seriously! Ok fine I'm super friendly to everyone)

 It could just have been that I scampered over there in my running shorts after working out everyday.  The joys of spandex!


So after a miserable calorie and drinking weekend I took a run today.  1.64 miles in 15.25 minutes.  Ok I went up, but I was running off enchiladas, 14 oz steak with butter, huge chicken fried steak + black eyed peas and buttered carrots, a smoothie, a RIDICULOUS doughnut monstrosity and ramen noodle from last night.  I think I did ok, considering.

Ridiculous doughnut monstrosity: 

Dad enjoying the ridiculous doughnut monstrosity:


I had to go to court today to do some renditions for TDCJ ( you know, drag our inmate to another state to testify as a witness). 

2 things happened. 

1st:  I ran into a gaggle of the defense attorneys I used to work against, and told them my ship out date.  Mass hysteria ensued.  ( a ton of the defense attorneys are ex-military or reserve).  I have now been informed that I shall be dragged out to a "watering of the bars".  From what I could gather from the excitement is that one of the attorneys is going to give me his dad's "blooded" 1st LT bars.  But they have to pin it on me (not the marine, punch, and pin it on).  It seems like it's a big deal.  They all seemed really excited.  And I am honored to have his dad's bars as I know his dad passed away a long time ago. 

I also gathered it's going to entail some drinking and singing of the Air Force fight song.  Yay?

2nd:  Not only did I run into attorneys, but I also ran into a trashcan.  You know the old Loony Toons, when Yosemite Sam is shooting at Bugs and Bugs sticks a carrot in the barrel?  It blocks the gun, and the barrel peels back like petals on a flower?  Well imagine that design on a 50lb + iron trashcan.  The petals hit, RIGHT at knee cap level.  They had moved it RIGHT INFRONT OF THE EXIT TO THE STAIR DOORWAY for when the inmates came through. 

Well I sailed my butt down the stairs, popped open the door, and ran smack into that trashcan.  Threw my files.  Threw my jacket.  And promptly kissed the floor.  And I just laid there for a minute.  I felt for sure I just cracked my patella, and that I was now going to sue Walker County for everything they had (including taking my JAG dreams away).  Eventually the County Clerk ran over and helped me up.  I'll take a picture for you guys tomorrow when the color sets.  I have 3 distinct blue/black petals on1 knee, and 1 on the other.  It hurt so bad.  The bruise had started less then 15 minutes in.  I'm sure tomorrow I shall be a rainbow of ouch.

The funny thing?  I had just "knocked on wood" when someone asked me if I had ever had any problems with my knees.

Skylar 0 - Trashcan 1.

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